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Business Growth

PH Accountancy are the only accountants in the East Kent region who have invested in a business system called The Vault. Implemented some time ago, the feedback from our clients has been remarkable, with clients able to enjoy an increased turnover, increased profits and more effective marketing.

The ‘business growth system’, developed here in the UK, has helped thousands of businesses worldwide in over 250 different industries enabling customers to increase sales. This retails at over £5,000 per business and giving this free to our clients is a huge commitment from us and hopefully demonstrates to you that we really do mean business, especially when it relates to our client’s business.

Many accountancy firms say that they are dedicated to helping their clients’ businesses grow but are many of them actually doing something tangible for all their clients. We have invested a significant sum to ensure our clients have direct help at hand when it comes to business growth. There are five key reasons why this system is so successful.

1) It is quick to implement.

2) Strategies are low cost or even free to apply.

3) Strategies are also easy to implement and we have listed them below in a step by step way which makes it easy for anyone no matter how inexperienced they are in sales and marketing.

Ÿ* Detailed but easy to understand

* ŸWorking examples and templates

* The system makes it easy for anyone to get positive results

4) The system helps generate many more sales and customers for you.

5) The system helps to increase your profits.


PH Accountancy can relieve you of all the stress associated with completing HMRC compliance. We will ensure all of the requirements are met and the correct forms are submitted on time.

01227 277 667

Just a quick note to thank you for all the work you have done with our company accounts, which yet again were completed promptly and any questions answered in a quick and pleasant manner.

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