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For those clients that have applied for mortgages in the past, the mortgage broker or lender would often ask for forms SA302s.

These are documents we can obtain directly from HM Revenue & Customs and prove evidence of your earnings for your lenders.

However, with effect from 4th September, HMRC will no longer provide paper forms as it has been agreed between the government and the council of mortgage lenders that they should be able to accept alternative commercial printed schedules.Although this agreement was made some time ago, mortgage lenders are still insisting on SA302s.

This should, in effect, speed up mortgage applications and we will be able to produce the tax computation directly from our software and also supply a tax overview from HM Revenue & Customs, however, we do envisage problems during this transition period.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office on 01227 277667.

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