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During each and every business journey, the question of business value is often asked. It could be that you are looking to sell your business for your retirement, you are bringing in a new business partner or you are simply curious to know the return on your original investment.

History tells us that the answer to the valuation question usually comes to down to ‘what the seller is prepared to sell for and what the purchaser is willing to pay’. Despite this inevitability the business owner needs to have starting value that they feel comfortable with, so that they can decide on a suitable course of action.

With this in mind, if you are looking to sell all, or part, of your business or you are simply intrigued for future planning, then please ask to speak to our Business Advisor who can walk you through the steps involved including valuation, sales literature preparation, best sales channels, tax implications and legal input.


PH Accountancy can relieve you of all the stress associated with completing HMRC compliance. We will ensure all of the requirements are met and the correct forms are submitted on time.

01227 277 667
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We are a young, dynamic and pro-active practice based in Kent who offer a friendly and professional service to our clients. Our client base is wide and varied ranging from a small one-man band to a large limited company and our business principle is the same in that each client, no matter what size their business has their own individual requirements.

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