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HM Revenue & Customs investigations are on the rise and can be an unnerving experience when a letter comes through the post saying that an enquiry has been raised into your affairs.

It is essential that all books and records are kept for a period of six years after the year end. At PH Accountancy we will act on your behalf with regard to any investigations, whether it is PAYE, VAT, income tax or corporation tax, no matter how in depth it may be. We will advise on the best way to handle the investigation, and even deal with matters completely on your behalf so you have no direct dealings with HM Revenue & Customs. We will also write to you keeping you informed and updated.

There is no way of knowing how long an investigation will last, what work is involved in preparing evidence and responding to questions asked. It may be a case of a few queries and the investigation closed but, in some cases, what may seem like a simple query at the beginning could escalate. At PH Accountancy, we offer an investigation cover which means that no matter how big or small, after payment of our one-off annual fee, you are covered for all work undertaken and you can be assured everything is taken care of at no extra cost to yourself. You have the opportunity to join this scheme at any time but you must be covered at the time the investigation is raised to benefit from this.

Did you know that some information HMRC request is not always necessarily required, therefore we would strongly advise an agent act on your behalf when an investigation is launched.


PH Accountancy can relieve you of all the stress associated with completing HMRC compliance. We will ensure all of the requirements are met and the correct forms are submitted on time.

01227 277 667
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